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Contacting us

Telephone: 0204 518 6593
Email: pre-approvals@lendingpeople.co.uk

We can't wait to hear from you.

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what we believe

Regardless of your circumstances, you should be able to release your capital when you need it.

We take all the stress and worries away from having to find the right product for your business requirements, in as little as 24 hours.

  • Fast decisions with quick eligibility checks
  • High acceptance rates for all businesses
  • All circumstances considered
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YOU're in charge

Use your funding for whatever you need.

We issue funding for any and all legal purposes. No restrictions to approved borrowers.

“From start to finish an incredible service. So pleased”
- Steve. Business Owner
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How we work

We provide a fast, clean and fair process for borrowers.

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Apply online

It takes only a few moments to submit your information. At this stage, we do not require documents.

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Receive decision

During business hours we'll underwrite the deal in less than 2 hours. Giving you an approval you can rely on.

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Move to completion

Depending on your selection, we can move to completion on the same day of approval. Funds can land in 48-hours.

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finding out more

Your questions answered

Find out how we work

Can I apply with bad credit?

Yes. We're interested in your business and your future.

Can startups apply?

Yes! You need to have been trading for 12 months only.

Can I apply with poor or no trading history?

Yes! We're interested in the future, not the past.

Do I need documents?

No! Initially you just need to provide your details.